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32 Motets

4 vols., of 32 fols. each. The title pages of the A, T, and B part books have only the single initial of the part; the title page above appears only in the S part book. On the verso of the title page of each part book: table of contents. On the last page (fol. 128) of the Bassus part book: colophon reading "Impressum Venetiis per Octavianum Petrutium Forosemproniensem. Die 4. Junii Salutis anno 1505. Cum privilegio invictissimi Dominii Venetiarum: quod nullus possit cantum Figuratum imprimere sub pena in ipso privilegio contenta. Registrum. ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQ Omnes quaterni. [printer's mark].", The folio numbers in the following inventory are taken from the S part book. For further information, see EitnerB 1877 and SartoriP 1948. For a summary of the other volumes published by Petrucci in this series, see the description of 1502|1.; Motets 3-4 voces
Bibliothek (Sigel Signatur):
D-Cl  (A)
D-W  2.8.1-4 Musica (4); 62.4° 753:1-4; 4 St. (127, [1] Bl.). ; quer-4°; http://opac.lbs-braunschweig.gbv.de/DB=2/XMLPRS=N/PPN?PPN=727647105
GB-Ob  (S incomplete)
HR-Ssf  (B)
I-Mc  (TB)
I-Vnm  (SAB)
SI-Ka  (unclear sigla SI-Kk;
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