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42 Motets

The title pages of the ATB part books consist merely of the initial letters of the voice parts (A,T, and B). On fol. 1v of each part book: table of contents. On the last page of the Bassus part book: colophon reading "Impressum Venetiis per Octavianum Petrutium Forosemproniensem 1504 die 15 setembris. Cum privilegio inv[i]ctissimi Dominii Venetiarum quod nullus possit cantum Figuratum imprimere sub pena in ipso privilegio contenta. Registrum.+A.+B.+C.+D.+A.+B.+C.+D.+A.+B.+C.+D.+A.+B.+C.+ D. omnes quaterni preter.+D. alti qui est quinternus. Nota quod quelibet pars distinguitur ab alia per rubricas: quia pars: tenoris: habet: tenor: pars alti habet altus: et sic de singulis. [printer's mark]." For further information, see SartoriP 1948. For a summary of the other volumes published by Petrucci in this series, see the description of 1502|1.
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