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48 Madrigals

4 vols., each of 24 fols. The title pages of the altus, tenor and bassus part books read; “DEL TERZO LIBRO DE I MADRIGALI / DI ARCHADELT, ET DI ALTRI ECCELLENTISSIMI / Authori. Con la gionta de alcuni Madrigali a Voci mutate bellisimi. / A QUATTRO VOCI. / BASSUS (ALTUS, TENOR) / LIBRO TERZO (in the tenor: LIBRO TERTIO).” On fol. 1v of the superius part book: dedication headed “Al Reverendis. Monsignor Verallo / Legato Apresso L’Illus. S. Di Venetia. / Geronimo Scotto.” Fol. 2 = p. 1. On p. 46 of the tenor and bassus part books: table of contents. There are three later editions of Arcadelt’s third book of madrigals a 4: 1541|11, 1543|20, and 1556|22. In RISM, B I, [c.1556]|23 is erroneously listed as an edition of this anthology, although the three surviving part books are in fact those of 1539|23 (the copies preserved in Venice). For a summary of Arcadelt’s other collections of madrigals a 4, see the description of 1539|22. For further information, see BernsteinM 1998, no. 2, EitnerB 1877, Vogel Arcadelt 34a, VogelB 1977, and CMM 31, which includes a modern edition of the collection.
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