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Psalmorum selectorum, tomus 1

The full title appears only in the tenor part book; the others have merely the name of the voice part and the heading “Tomi primi.” On fol. a1v of the tenor part book: preface headed “TYPOGRPHUS LECTORI.” On fols. a2-a2v of the tenor part book: table of contents. Beginning on fol. a3: dedication headed “AMPLISSIMO PRU/DENTISSIMOQUE CIVITATIS / ET REIPUBLICAE NORIMBERGENSIS SENA/tui, Dominis suis unice colendis, Johannes ‘ Petreius typographus,” and signed “Ex aedibus nostris, anno 1538.” The pagination in the inventory below is taken from the tenor part book., For the second and third volumes in the same series, see 1539|9 and 1542|6. Berg and Neuber in Nuremberg published a revised and expanded edition of this anthology in four volumes, as 1553|4, 1553|5, 1553|6, and 1554|11. For further information, see EitnerB 1877.
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