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Scarlatti, Alessandro; Collection


O di Betlemme altera

  • Informations sur l'oeuvre

    Distribution: S, strings, lute, bc
    Catalogue des œuvres: RosS 388/47, HanS 488
    Langue: Italien
    Mot-clé: Pastorales (vocales), Cantates
    Fête liturgique: Nativitas Domini
  • Description de la source

    Title on source: Oh di Betlemme altera. Cantata Pastorale à solo con violin: per la nascita di N.S: [...] Del Sig:r Aless:o scarlatti | CANTATAS
    Description matérielle:
    • score: f.202r-217v, score: 217f.
      Manuscrit: 1700-1800, Manuscrit: 1700-1800; 20.5 x 26 cm
    • Couverture: Half-binding of buckram and white leather with gilded inscriptions on the spine
  • Incipit musicaux

    1.1.1 vl 1, c Introduzz. |ne. all.|o; AIncipit Nr. 1.1.1
    1.2.1 S, c ; AIncipit Nr. 1.2.1 – Oh di Betlemme altera
    1.3.1 vl 1 and vl 2, 3/8 And.e; DIncipit Nr. 1.3.1
    1.3.2 S, 3/8 And.e; DIncipit Nr. 1.3.2 – Dal bel seno d'una stella
    1.4.1 S, [Recitativo].(Incipit from HanS.)
    Presa d'huomo la forma a le gelide tempre
    1.5.1 S, 4/4 [Aria].; F(Incipit from HanS.)
    L'autor d'ogni mio bene
    1.6.1 S, [Recitativo].(Incipit from HanS.)
    Fortunati pastori già che v'è dato in sorte
    1.7.1 S, c [Aria].; A(Incipit from HanS.)
    Lasciate i vostri armenti; Toccò la prima sorte
  • Autres notes

    Distribution: S, vl (2), vla, vlc, bc, lute
    Other names: Douglas Maclean Clephane, Anna Jane
    Notes: [S.l.], [s.n.], 18th century
    Introduzione, Allegro [instrumental]-[Recitativo]-Andante-[Recitativo]-Andante-Ritornello [instrumental]-[Recitativo]-Pastorale
    [S.l.], [s.n.], 18th century
    The gathering consisting of f.202-03 is misplaced between f.199 and 200, yet has been foliated correctly
    On f.1r is a list of contents, 'Cantate a Voce sola / contenute in questo Tomo', which lists the works in alphabetical order
    GB-Lbl Add. 14249 is a catalogue of the Selvaggi collection, drawn up by Mrs Maclean Clephane, sister-in-law of the Marquess of Northampton, in 1843
    From a collection of music made by Signor Gaspare Selvaggi of Naples. Presented to the British Museum in 1843 by the Marquess of Northampton
    26 secular cantatas, chiefly for soprano and continuo. Three are by Domenico Scarlatti, Girolamo Galavotti and Nicola Fago respectively; the remainder are by Alessandro Scarlatti. At the end there is a Christmas cantata by Alessandro Scarlatti for soprano, strings and continuo with lute. The manuscript has been compiled by a single hand
    Littérature: Hughes-HughesB 1906 vol.1, p.434, vol.2, p.514
  • Provenance

    Propriétaire précédent : Northampton, Spencer Joshua Alwyne Compton, Marquis of ; Selvaggi, Gaspare
  • Fait partie du recueil

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GB-Lbl  Add. 14165
GB-Lbl  Add. 14165
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