About RISM

RISM is an international, non-profit organization with the aim of comprehensively documenting extant musical sources anywhere in the world.

RISM documents what exists and where it is kept.

Independent national working groups at libraries and archives in many countries worldwide catalog historical musical sources: music prints, music manuscripts, libretti, and theoretical writings about music. The results are coordinated, edited, and published by RISM.

The online catalogue offered here contains over 850,000 records, mostly for music manuscripts. These records hand down the works of some 27,000 composers, whose sources are preserved in the libraries and archives of 36 countries.

This online catalog comprises the data in Series A/II: Music manuscripts after 1600, which was previously published as a CD-ROM and is still offered as an online subscription database.

RISM’s database is the most comprehensive documentation available for music manuscripts and it continues to grow through monthly updates.